Bram Bokkers in action

Sportfish Moments was founded by Dutchman Bram Bokkers, who has a passion for fishing and photography. That combination turned out to be the perfect formula for capturing the most beautiful sportfishing moments on camera. Of course, in almost every sport fishing magazine you will come across many beautiful pictures of big fish. So-called “action shots”, however, are less common.

Such pictures are more appealing to the reader, but also harder to take. Pictures that do not merely show action, but also managed to capture the beauty of the moment are really scarce. But that is exactly what this fishing Dutchmen tries to achieve every time he goes out on the water, with his rod and camera. That’s his biggest challenge!

Of course Bram likes to share the fruits of his hard labour to the rest of the world, so he decided to launch Sportfish Moments. Many of the pictures for sale here will trigger emotions that make anglers want to grab their rods and go out fishing right away. Therefore those pictures are ideal for promotional purposes, whether it is for promoting sport fishing in general or for sport fishing related services or products.

Are you interested in buying images? Feel free to contact Bram any time. He will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime… enjoy his greatest sport fishing moments!

More about Bram

Bram is a passionate angler and he considers it a challenge to capture on camera the great moments he often experiences. Allow him to briefly introduce himself… “I was born in 1968 and live in Vlaardingen (near Rotterdam, The Netherlands). As a child I was already strolling along the waters edges, fishing for anything with fins or scales. I often accompanied my father, who loved to wet a line too. And still does. I owe my passion for angling to him, for which I am still grateful.”

“I started fishing in local waters. Mainly for bream and carp. Later I broadened my horizon by looking for new fishing grounds and pursuing other fish species. After I finally managed to capture my first meter pike with spinning rod and reel, I grabbed a fly rod. I kept setting new goals and every time I reached one, I looked for a new challenge. That way I kept learning. Soon I started fishing abroad, both in Europe as well as in Africa. But I still enjoy fishing waters close to home and my father… now accompanies me!”

“From the very start I felt the urge to share my experiences, so soon I started taking pictures. Not just of men upholding fish (trophy photographs). I really tried, and still try, to capture the beauty of fishing with my camera. I never leave home without it!”
“My pocket camera of the early days was soon replaced by a higher quality, but still analogue mirror-reflex camera. Modern day digital cameras enabled me to experiment more and improve my photographing up to a highly professional level.”